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  A 2 year Aircraft Maintenance Apprenticeship Training Program assists technicians to get KCASA AME Licenses which plays similar role as FAA A&P Certificate
The apprenticeship program covers academic and practical requirements of the KCASA as stipulated in the KCAR.
The FAR 147, FAA Advisory Circular AC 43.13 and the EASA
66 form a major part of the program syllabus.

Vocational Training School (2 YEARS)

Aircraft Maintenance Basic Course (6 MONTHS/3MONTHS)
Aircraft System General Training
Aircraft/Engine Type Training
  - B747-400 / PW4056,PW4062
  - B747 / JT9D-7R4G2
  - B777-200 / PW4090
  - B777-300 / PW4098
  - B737-800 / CFM56-7B24
  - B737-900 / CFM56-7B24
  - MD-11 / PW4460
- A330-200 / PW4168
- A330-300 / PW4168
- A300-600 / PW4158

Engine Type Training / CAT-Ⅱ/Ⅲ Autoland Training
RVSM Training / ETOPS Training
Engine Run-up Training / Human Factors Training
  CAT-Ⅱ/Ⅲ Autoland Training / ETOPS Training / Engine Run-up Training / Human Factors
  Training/ RVSM Training / Inspector Training / NDT Training / De/Anti-Icing Training

  NDT Training
  Structure Repair Training
  Corrosion Prevention Control Program
  Composite Repair Training
  Machining/ Welding/ Molding/ Sheet Metal/ Surface Treatment Training

  Maintenance Management Training
  Maintenance Representative Training
  Leadership Training

  OJT has been performed according to each job assignment, and controlled and
  evaluated by our technical qualification system.