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At the Gimhae international airport-South Korea, Korean Air
operates a state-of- the-art wide body paint hangar that can
provide top quality aircraft painting services. A fully
enclosed and temperature controlled paint hangar with a total
area of 334,665 sqm, which can meet the requirements of
stripping, washing and painting of any types of aircraft
up to the size of Boeing 747-400. You can take advantage
of our in-depth experience and expertise as well as our
advanced technology.
Korean Air painting specialists are well trained with
years of hands on experience, which means our customers
can always count on extremely professional results.
We handle your exterior painting and design needs efficiently
in record of time with top quality. Since opening,
we have painted 103 fleet including those for other airlines.
(as of Oct. 22, 2004).
In addition, Korean Air provides heavy maintenance and modification service at Busan facility
(Gimhae heavy maintenance center ? FAA & EASA certified repair station).
If you have a plan to do schedule maintenance, repair or Modification of your aircraft,
we can offer more flexibility than others. We can assign slots to fit your operating
schedules and it lets you combine maintenance or repair with painting services to make
efficient use of the time your aircraft are grounded. If you already operate Busan route,
it also eliminates unnecessary ferry flights to help cut costs. And make sure you get
satisfactory service and save money at the same time.
      Years of hands-on experienced and well-trained Korean Air painting expert will deliver
      perfect airplane to meet customer’s diverse need on time.
      Our enhanced quality management ensures extremely professional product without compromise
      and helps you meet your specified requirements with total reliability.
      Our state-of-the-art painting facility features automated high capacity laminar flow
      air ventilation as well as temperature and humidity control in brilliant daylight.
      Cutting downtime to a minimum and making utilization to a maximum we can provide aircraft
      maintenance and repair service with painting. We also guarantee fast turn around time for
      your considerable savings.
      To meet each customer’s different needs and unique design requirement, Korean Air offers
      tailored services of decals and films. You can make your imagination come true with our
      excellent workmanship and advanced technology.