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   operations and maintenance base headquarters. This facility, with its
 sophisticated support structure is capable of handling all aspects of
 aircraft maintenance with hangar space capable of handling 2.5 B747
 aircraft. The Gimpo maintenance base provides line and base maintenance
 for domestic flight operated by Korean Air. Scheduled checks for its
 small to mid- sized aircraft are performed too.

   facility. It consists of a new hangar bay capable of accommodating 2.5
 B747 aircraft. Additionally, there are 9 annexed buildings that support
 this  maintenance center.  With the completion of the Incheon maintenance
 hangar, Korean Air  now has sufficient hangar bays of handling 9 B747
 aircraft.  At the Incheon maintenance base, we perform line & base
maintenance for our entire fleet of aircraft that operate on
international routes. Additionally, Korean Air offers maintenance
service to foreign fleet which operate in and out of the Incheon
International Airport.
   base. This maintenance complex includes an avionics shop, an accessory
 component shop, aircraft parts warehouse, a state-of-the-art paint hangar
 and enough maintenance hangar space to accommodate 3 B747 aircraft.
 At the Gimhae maintenance base, airframe heavy maintenance such as
 a large aircraft "C” checks & "D"checks along with internal structural
 inspection, aircraft modification and aircraft painting are performed.
 Additionally, over 60,000 of our avionics and accessory components are
 repaired or overhauled yearly at Gimhae facility.
   and engine testing are performed. More than 100 engine pass through
 this facility each year. Our large engine shop at Bucheon, is capable of
 handling 29 engines in the assembly disassembly production process.
 The engine test cell located at this facility is capable of handling
 engines up  to 75,000 lbs of thrust.