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    Korean Air is committed to be the best aircraft maintenance
& engineering organization in the 21th century.
We have established, step by step plan to achive our
goal and put all of our best practice into place. Korean Air has
established a 3 phase development plan for engine heavy
Phase 1. Establishment of heavy maintenance capabililty for the PW4168 / A330 engine was achieved in March of 2003.
Phase 2. Establishment of heavy maintenance capability for the CFM56-7 / B737 engine was achieved in July of 2008.
Phase 3. Establishment of heavy maintenance capability for the PW4000-112” / B777 engine was achieved in June of 2011.

In future, Korean Air will have maintenance capability on GP7270 / A380 and GE90 / B777-300ER to achieve continuous sustainability.

Starting in 1980, the entire Material Management System was computerized and expanded to cover the entire maintenance process. This include production planning & control,
total cost information, technical information, as well as reliability information.

  Korean Air will replace its legacy Maintenance & Engineering System with state-of-the-art, ERP System from year 2011.
  Korean Air spares no expense for expansion and modernization of maintenance facilities and equipment to ensure maximum safety and improvement in maintenance quality.
As major partner in the Skyteam alliance, Korean Air is continually pursuing strategic maintenance alliances with other airlines around the world.