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Maintenance Complex
Korean Air's maintenance complex at Incheon International Airport has a functionally designed configuration with precise and solid construction. In the complex, there is a large hangar capable of accommodating two B747s and one A300 simultaneously. We are extremely proud of the state-of-the-art new maintenance complex, which consists of nine various buildings such as maintenance support workshops, offices, and convenience facilities.

Special Facilities
This hangar is fully equipped with the most modern maintenance support facilities including an automated warehouse, telescopic platforms, hoist cranes, cargo lifters and service pits supplying electrical power, compressed air and a cooling air source.
An Environmentally-friendly Green Building
Korean Air received ISO 14001 certificate in Mar 2001.
Korean Air has taken the lead in ensuring a green environment with our wastewater disposal system and other environmental features.
completion date   March 2001
building area   28,134sq.mt.
gross area   40,840sq.mt.
size   Main building(3 stories above ground, 1 story below ground),
  8 annex buildings.
  Maintenance hangar : 2.5 bay,185m×90m×28m
  (inside height)
structure   Steel frame & reinforced concrete
Accommodation Capacity
  Can be accommodated simultaneously ;
    - 2 B747-400 + 1 A330-300
    - 3 B777-200 or 3 A330-200
    - 2 B777-300 + 2 B737-800
    - 1A380-800 + 1 B737-800
Hangar door
  FOD Protection from outside
  Size : 25m(H) × 23.12m(L), 8 each
Telescopic work
  Support upper body works (3 dimensional operation)
  Work platform capacity : 0.8ton
  5 sets of 20 ton crane, 2 sets of 10 ton hoist
Motor generator
  Supply aircraft power(115v/400hz) through floor service pits.
  3 sets X 125 kva
service pit
  Supply aircraft maintenance utility source (electricity,
  compressed air, pre-conditioned air)
  25 places located in the hangar floor
Air compressor
  Produce compressed air (100 psig).
  2 sets X 150 hp
Auto warehouse   Aircraft parts, bare tire, tire & wheel and brake unit storage
  Special facility : STV(Sorting Transfer Vehicle), SC(Stacker Crane),
                          Conveyor WMS(Warehouse Management System)
  Storage capacity : 24,190 cell