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   The 4 major maintenance bases are located in the cities of Incheon,
   Seoul, Gimhae and Bucheon.
   Comprehensively equipped hangar facilities at the 4 major
   maintenance bases are supported by workshops, technical and
   engineering services, and a sophisticated logistics network.
   Korean Air’s Material Supply Department is here to provide the
   best opportunity for customer airlines and Korean Air by supporting
   to allow maximu m flying conditions. To support material at RIGHT
   PLACE, in RIGHT TIME, Korean Air’s Material Supply Department
   has established ;
    - a large range of inventory
    - highly professional service
    - a wide reaching logistics network
   Managing and maintaining aviation assets involves a complex set
   of interconnected activities. Even though line maintenance,
   heavy maintenance, and component repairs are carried out by
   different organizations and for different customers, they are part
   of a single maintenance continuum and a combined inventory
   supply chain.
   Korean air’s maintenance engineering Division has been
   developing a comprehensive maintenance and engineering IT
   system to handle the complexities of aviation maintenance,
   repair, overhaul and inventory management.