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       Paint hangar with the design of environmentally-friendly concept and advanced technology
   was constructed in August 1998.This fully-enclosed and temperature controlled hangar can
   meet the requirement of stripping, washing and painting of any type of aircraft up to the
   size of A380. It has the capability of 24 B747-400 aircraft exterior painting per year
> ISI 14001 certificate
> The latest cooperation equipments
> Equipments purified the exhaust air
> Equipments separated wastewaters/wastes
> Telescopic platform
> Electrostatic equipments
  - Four stories (including one underground)
- 9,045 m2 (100.5m X 90m X 37m)
- Accommodation up to A380 size
- The flexible facilities enable work on the smallest civil aircraft through to the largest.
  The bay is fitted with two giant telescopic work platforms and a centralized paint
supply gadget called the”chemical dwell media”
Beside the platforms, Four anti-pollution devices automatically control the air inside
the shop to prevent any harm coming to the workers.
The devices include electronic dust collectors, decanters to compress and separate
paint sludge and a 150-ton capacity water container.
These antipollution features have allowed the KAL facility to receive ISO 14001
environment safety guarantees.