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    - Temperature & Humidity Controlled
    - The whole inspection for the airframe after stripping
    - Use of the harmonic paint remover for the environment (Based Benzy Alcohol)
Alkaline Cleaning   To remove impurities
Acid Brightener   To remove minute Corrosionin the A/C Surface
Water Break Test   To confirm cleaning condition
Apply Alodine   Apply Corrosion preventer


- Use for Hi-solid Primer of Prc-Desoto Co.
- The prevention of Corrosion


- Use of Hi-solid paint improved the durability and
   Electrostatic Equipments

- Prevented the minute mote flow using air flow of
   top-down method

- The improvement in the quality of paint through perfect
   management of Temperature & Humidity Control

- Measurement of Gross by means of Gross meter
- Perfect Paint assurance(Thickness, paint condition, etc)