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  1. Painting know-how accumulated for 20 years
    Our superbly trained and experienced technicians ensure that every stage of the process
    is given detailed attention.
2. Faultless painting quality
    By our paint experts and dedicated hangar facilities, perfect quality is built-in.
    the result is a aerodynamically smooth, immaculately clean surface on which to display
    your livery.
3. Thorough temperature & humidity control
    Automated control system maintain the optimum temperature and humidity of the hangar
    inside when stripping, painting, drying. This improves aircraft paint quality.
4. Parallel possibility for aircraft maintenance & repair
    In addition to paint services, Korean air can carry out aircraft maintenance up
    to “D” check, Wing &Strut modification, “C.P.C.P’ and Sec.41 modification.
5. Possibility for colorful design & decal of aircraft
    We can meet your any kinds of special requirements for design & decal of aircraft.