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  Aircraft engine overhaul is considered one of the most challenging areas as it requires
  highly advanced skills.
  Powerplant maintenance center has been FAA and KCASA approved repair station since 1972.
  Starting from performing maintenance of engines and propellers for small aircrafts,
  Korean Air has an ability to overhaul PW4000-94” Engine and PW4000-100” Engine with
  more than 30 years mature repair experience.
PW4000-94” Engine Series
- Boeing 747-400, Airbus A300-600

PW4000-100” Engine
- Airbus A330-200 / 300

PW4000-112” Engine
- B777

CFM56-7B Engine Series
- B737-800 / 900

GE90-110/115B Engine
- B777-300ER